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Cover / fabric change

Make a difference with colour!
An awning provides pleasant cool shade in gardens or buildings. Nevertheless, the sun, wind and bad weather take their toll on the material over time. The seams rip, the colours fade and the UV protection noticeably deteriorates. – Time for a new STOBAG awning cover.

A new awning cover offers the following benefits:

  • Optimum UV protection
  • Added value for building aesthetics
  • Optional layouts in the case of conversions and renovations
  • Large, potential advertising surface (printed coloured cover possible)
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Fabric care

The acrylic fabric is impregnated. If it becomes necessary, clean it as follows: Small spots can be rubbed off with a clear rubber eraser or brushed off when dry. If slightly dirty, the fabric can be washed with diluted soap solution (5%, approx 30?°C) and a soft brush. It should then be rinsed thoroughly with clear water. It may be necessary to repeat the process. Only wind the awning in when it is completely dry.
For heavier dirt, we recommend a specially developed fabric cleaner, used in accordance with its instructions. A pressure cleaning machine should never be used. To re-impregnate the acrylic fabric, it can be treated with a special impregnation spray, such as Fabric Guard™.