Congratulations! By choosing a fabric from the STOBAG Collection, you have opted for a top quality high-tech textile product.
Be inspired and see for yourself: our extensive colour range and the special characteristics of our UV tested acrylic fabrics.


Blindingly brilliant. The high-tech Lumera CBA fibres in the Brilliant range have been even more closely weaved together and thanks to a flatter surface instantly offer more benefits. Compared to conventional Classic acrylic fabrics, the fabrics from our Brilliant range are proven to be particularly dirt and water resistant. STOBAG Plus: Bright and intensive colours bringing you a unique brilliance.


Classically commendable. Our fabrics in the area of shade solutions offer the highest level of UV protection thanks to their premium-quality coating and excellent colour fastness. STOBAG-Plus: Our acrylic threads for awnings are dyed using a spinning nozzle, meaning that the colours last longer, even with everyday use. The high-quality fabrics come exclusively from European weaving mills and meet the most rigorous quality standards.


A sophisticated structure. With its attractive weave
and two-coloured appearance, the layout of this mesh
fabric leaves you with a lot of space to play with. The
combination of transparency and sun protection gives
you an optimum feeling of space. STOBAG-Plus: The
glass fibre core provides the fabric with additional
strength and stability.

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A wider view. Soltis 86 combines protection from
prying eyes on the outside while at the same time giving you transparency from the inside. STOBAG-Plus: The interior reinforced mesh fabric is particulary weather-resistant, easy to clean and is especially
suitable for use in facade awnings.

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Unobtrusive transparency. Soltis 92 is most suitable for providing protection from the sun’s glare. STOBAG-Plus: Very narrow openings allow light to get into the room, but keep the heat out, the majority being either reflected or absorbed. This fabric is also weatherproof and easy to clean.

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Naturally appealing. The light appearance of this textile is reminiscent of tissue, however, the mesh fabric is highly resistant to the elements whilst letting light through. The result is a pleasant atmosphere in every room. STOBAG-Plus: Our Twilight fabric is PVC-free and can be easily cleaned.

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Absolute darkness. Wherever total darkness is required, our Blockout fabric with its special light-blocking coating comes to the rescue: in school halls, conference rooms, etc. STOBAG-Plus: Blockout does not catch fire easily and so is also highly suitable for commercial buildings.

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In the dry. For awning systems that can also be used
in the rain, this acrylic fabric with its extremely water-proof coating is the perfect solution. STOBAG-Plus: Thanks to the outer anti-dirt waterproofing, this fabric is perfectly suited for all-weather use in restaurants, commercial or private buildings.

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365 days outdoors. Not only elegant, but robust too: This is the image our easy to clean outdoor fabric conveys. The elegant framework on the visible side ensures a good all-round impression at all times. STOBAG-Plus: The special dirt-resistant surface treatment means that it can be used outdoors throughout the year.

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Does not catch fire easily. In the area of gastronomy or construction, special characteristics regarding fire-protection, among others, are often required by law. STOBAG-Plus: Our special Fire fabric is flameproof,
as well as having an extremely waterproof coating.

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Reliable heat protection. Thanks to its reflective surface, this fabric offers maximum protection from UV rays and heat. STOBAG-Plus: Intelligent technology means a cooler, more pleasant stay underneath the awning.

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Cool head. With its reflective characteristics, this mesh fabric provides effective protection from the sun’s rays and heat, while at the same time letting sunlight through. The special aluminium sputtering ensures maximum reflection and as a result a pleasant room temperature. STOBAG-Plus: Thanks to this effective heat protection, the building’s energy requirements can be demonstrably minimised and electricity costs noticeably reduced.

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The Soltis 88 is positioned as a good alternative between Soltis 86 and Soltis 92. The new membranes offer the ideal compromise between adequate sun protection and privacy. Soltis 88 can be used with all vertical awnings.